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Arthur Goldberg is Co-Director of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness and the former Co-Director of JONAH, Inc. JIFGA sponsors a unique crowd-funding site to assist those committed to Biblical values. He authored Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change.


The Contagion of Euthanasia and the Corruption of Compassion

The contagion of assisted suicide, once the command "Thou shalt not kill" is set aside, quickly spreads elsewhere. True compassion does not abandon people at their most vulnerable.

Date posted: 2017-09-17

Faith-based grassroots project addresses serious, hidden crisis of sexual exploitation of children in Kenya

Kenya is rapidly becoming one of the major destinations for commercial sexual activity, particularly as it relates to children. According to some recent statistics, Kenya ranks #7 world-wide as a popular destination for sex tourism.

Date posted: 2017-04-16

From Misery To Joy: The Story of David DeJiacomo

David DeJiacomo was deeply entrenched in the homosexual lifestyle for nearly 30 years and had more than a thousand partners. After a powerful conversion experience before a statue of St. Joseph in a Catholic church, DeJiacomo turned from a life of misery back to the Catholic faith.

Date posted: 2017-04-16

Crowdfunding Site Helps Kenyan Home For Sexually Exploited Boys's latest featured project helps teens snared in child sex tourism move onto healthier lives.

Date posted: 2017-04-16

A new initiative for people of faith

Arthur Goldberg, founder of JIFGA, spoke with Church Militant. "We're going to basically have a site that will try to raise money for those who are standing up for biblical values," he said.

Date posted: 2017-04-16

Restoring the Political-Moral Center

Politicians should return to the common-denominator universal ethical values embraced by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Until the second half of the twentieth century, the major parties of the left and the right in the United States and in other advanced Western democracies operated within a framework of shared basic moral values.

Date posted: 2017-04-16

Abortion Stops a Beating Heart: The Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017

Recent scientific advances, popular opinion, and universal moral standards agree: abortion should not be allowed to stop a child's beating heart.

Date posted: 2017-03-18