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Dr. Donald DeMarco is a well-known Catholic writer and lecturer.

Donald DeMarco, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Holy Apostles College and Seminary
Cromwell, Connecticut


Seven Deadly Fallacies in Pro-Abortion Arguments

When arguments in favour of abortion are put forth by seemingly responsible people, repeatedly, passionately, and under sophisticated auspices, their degree of irrationality can easily be eclipsed and thereby ignored. We are also human beings who are highly distractible and therefore easily taken in. Logic is the rational tool that exposes the rationality or the irrationality of an argumentation. The proceeding enumerates and elaborates seven popular irrational argumentations (or logical fallacies) that are associated with popular and effective abortion strategies.

Date posted: 2012-05-08

New Perspectives On Contraception

The latest ebook publication "New Perspectves on Contraception" By Donald DeMarco is an excellent book. It is the product of observation of contraceptive practises over almost 40 years and exhibits deep insight into their physical, philosophical and spiritual effects upon the world. This book is available at Google ebooks and can be read online.

Date posted: 2011-07-06

Is anyone really pro-abortion?

Abortion has radically dehumanized and devalued preborn babies. It has engendered attitudes of cold-heartedness, narcissism and violence. Who knows how far this contagion will continue to spread, how many people it will affect and in how many ways? Abortion is an evil, and it is the nature of evil to spread until it is checked. It is an unleashing of death that spreads like a plague throughout society in increasingly sinister ways. Abortion is a choice for death, and its long shadow haunts all of us.

Date posted: 2009-06-20

The Christian roots of modern science

The cancellation of Pope Benedict XVI's address at La Sapienza University in Rome in January, 2008, has received a great deal of attention around the world. A particular comment by Andrea Sterbini, one of the 67 academics signatories who protested the Pope's visit, however, warrants special attention because it represents, in a nutshell, a pervasive ignorance concerning the sizeable debt modern science owes to its Judeo-Christian roots.

Date posted: 2008-08-28

The Abolition of Marriage

If there has been a failure, it is that we have failed marriage and not that marriage has failed us. Thus, there is no compelling reason to redefine marriage or jettison it altogether in favor of hastily conceived experimental replacements. If reform is needed, it is not a reform in law, but a moral reform in the hearts and minds of people so that they are better prepared to execute the rights and responsibilities that married life entails. We need a "people reform" more than we need either a law or political reform of marriage.

Date posted: 2008-07-27

Frozen Embryos and Fluid Morality

The freezing of human embryos, sometimes referred to as "supernumeraries" or "surplus embryos," associated with in vitro fertilization, has carried the Courts into relatively uncharted waters. Does a woman have the right to "dispose" of her frozen embryos as she wishes? Does her husband have equal legal status in the matter? If there is a dispute between husband and wife with regard to determining the fate of their cryopreserved offspring, how is the matter to be resolved?

Date posted: 2007-07-10

Fetal Pain: Real or Relative?

The worlds of philosophy and humor often intersect so that philosophers can sometimes be mistaken for comedians and vice versa. To the age old question "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" one might not be certain whether to respond with a frown or a smile. A contemporary variant of the question leaves no doubt about the appropriate response: "If a husband says something and his wife is not there to correct him, is he still wrong?" But there is decidedly nothing humorous about the question, "Does a human fetus feel pain during an abortion if no one is there to verify the pain scientifically?" We like to think that we citizens of the 21st century are compassionate people.

Date posted: 2007-05-16

Science is liable to politics

We like to think that scientists are people of unswerving integrity who report what they find without being unduly influenced by current fashions. Politicians, journalists, educators, religious leaders, businessmen, and sales personnel of every stripe may blow in the wind, but scientists, so we want to believe, are pillars of professional integrity. Unfortunately, though it should not be surprising, this is not the case.

Date posted: 2004-06-06

Contraception and Catholic Teaching

A good marriage is the basis for a good family. Since the family remains the fundamental unit of society, a good marriage plays an immense and indispensable role in providing essential benefits for society. The future of humanity passes through the husbands and wives whose invocations of life confer upon them the status of fathers and mothers. The quality of today's marriage is crucial to the quality of life for the next generation.

Date posted: 2003-09-19

Contraception and the Decline of the Family

The ideology of choice dominates our current society. People are misled into thinking that choice itself is a virtue, forgetting that virtuous behaviour requires not any choice whatsoever, but the choice of a moral good. God's plan as well as Church teaching demands that the sex act, that is to say the "marital act", not be severed from its natural ordination to the possibility of new life. History has shown, and rather incontrovertibly that once sex is divorced from life, it soon becomes divorced from marriage, love, family, and even a relationship with a heterosexual partner.

Date posted: 2002-01-31

Contraception and Being a Person

The person is an inviolable unity of body and soul. To denigrate one part or the other is not compatible with affirming his status as a person. To approve the use of contraception on the basis that the spiritual love which husband and wife express to each other in sexual intercourse is superior to their bodily or physical integrity, exemplifies a violation of this personal unity.

Date posted: 2001-12-31