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Christians and the Homeless

Christians have a serious obligation to respect and help the homeless and other poor. This is not just one possible interpretation of the Bible among many but was an essential teaching of Christianity in its first two and a half centuries, before it was divided into present-day denominations, a time when most Christians today believe the Holy Spirit was still guiding the church.

Date posted: 2010-06-07

Original Christians Against Euthanasia

Although the Christian principles of love and genuine concern for the welfare of the patient or other person are put forward as the motives for euthanasia, there is abundant evidence in Scripture and the earliest tradition that "mercy killing" is grossly immoral, beyond the pale of behavior acceptable from Christians. ...Euthanasia is the deliberate hastening of death to spare the patient a period of suffering or incapacity. The usual cases for which euthanasia is advocated are persons with an incurable disease or permanent coma, but secondary uses include sparing the deformed, the mentally impaired, or the handicapped from languishing the rest of their lives under irreversible barriers that prevent them from living a self-sufficient or "full" life.

Date posted: 2010-05-26

The Early Church and Gays

Compared to twentieth-first-century believers, early Christians wrote surprisingly little about homosexuality. While some Christian writers of the first three centuries appear to condemn all forms of homosexual behavior, most commented on only specific aspects of it, such as intercourse with minors.

Date posted: 2010-05-25

Early Christians and Abortion

This article presents the Christian attitude toward abortion before the first ecumenical council, that is, until A.D. 325....In short, in the first three centuries after Jesus all Christian authors who mentioned abortion considered it a grave sin. Although Origen mentioned it without discussing its sinfulness, no Christian author in the three hundred years after Christ condoned it. This opposition was not merely local: Christian sources in Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, Egypt, Turkey and Syria recognised abortion as forbidden by God and in the same category as any other murder. The condemnation was universal and unanimous.

Date posted: 2010-04-29

Early Challenges to Capital Punishment

The article discusses all Christian authors before A.D. 250 who commented on capital punishment, each of whom opposed it. In fact, one author explicitly states that if Christians were in government they would be restrained by the laws of their religion from inflicting the death penalty. This article also discusses the one author who has been construed to favour it.

Date posted: 2009-12-23