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Doug Bean is a writer/editor who resides in Westerville, Ohio, with his wife, Janice, and their six children. To learn more about the Rivers of Hope Foundation, visit or


Routine infanticide: Lila Rose and Live Action expose the abortion industry's darkest secret

Kermit Gosnell isn't an isolated case. The latest undercover investigation by Lila Rose's pro-life group, Live Action, makes that perfectly and painfully clear.

Date posted: 2013-08-16

Quarterback Philip Rivers: A champion for children

Like any good quarterback, Philip Rivers dropped back and surveyed the field. Only this time, he wasn't searching downfield for an open receiver. He was looking beyond the confines of the stadiums where he makes his living as a professional football player. In the distance, he saw children in the community who needed help, a home, and a family to call their own. As he zoomed in for a closer look, he saw hope in the faces of kids who had been bounced from house to house and were separated from siblings, never knowing the love and stability of a real home.

Date posted: 2013-03-16