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CAPCHA Asia/Pacific Coalition

CAPCHA coalition members net-working together

Last Message: Newsletter Jan 2, 2015

Dear CAPCHA members, _Happy New Year! _ We have just entered 2015 - a new beginning, a new year, a new determination, a fresh look at what we are doing. We usher in 2015 with much enthusiasm and look forward to fulfilling our dreams and desires with fresh commitments. This is the annual tradition in which we wish each other a "Happy New Year". As a Catholic Organization, we ask God specifically for His love, strenghten and grace _to guide us_ in our daily involvement with HIV/AIDS clients. ‘Go and Do Li...


CAPCHA Newsletter

Catholic Asia-Pacific Coalition on HIV/AIDS networking together

Last Message: CAPCHA e-Newsletter - Jan-Aug 2015

CAPCHA e-Newsletter - Jan-Aug 2015 From: "CAPCHA" <> Subject: CAPCHA e-Newsletter - Jan-Aug 2015 Date: August 26, 2015 Dear CAPCHA members, The summer is coming to an end with a record number of typhoons hitting Japan and surrounding countries. The last one hit yesterday, killing and injuring many people along its path. Today the sun is shinning as people attempt to restore what was destroyed. I hope this newsletter finds you are all well and preparing for the cool fall season. Below ...

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Clear Thinking About Crucial Issues

Last Message: Newsletter #719 Newsletter #719 From:  " Newsletter" <> Subject:  Lifeissues Newsletter #719 Date:  Oct 25, 2015 Dear Friends for Life, This week I received aa alarming message and video from Lauren Merz at Live Action News. It speaks for itself. Lauren writes: Did you hear the outrageous news? When a House Judiciary Committee hearing included clips of a video from Live Action's Inhuman undercover investigation, pro-abortion members of Co...

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