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CAPCHA Newsletter

Catholic Asia-Pacific Coalition on HIV/AIDS networking together

Last Message: CAPCHA Newsletter 5/18/2014

From: "CAPCHA" <> Subject: CAPCHA e-Newsletter - Mar 29-May 18, 2014 Date: May 18, 2014 Dear CAPCHA members, Sr. Marie Benedicta of Sisters of Notre Dame (SMD) has finished her tour in PNG as a missionary and returned to her country Korea. She contacted us and asked if CAPCHA has any plans for AIDS 2014 in Melbourne? Mr. Rungrote sent the following response: CHAN under the leadership of Bob Vittlo is organising a Catholic pre-conference on July 18-20 at Catholic Leadership Center, w...

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Clear Thinking About Crucial Issues

Last Message: Newsletter #678 Newsletter #678 From: " Newsletter" <> Subject: Lifeissues Newsletter #678 Date: July 20, 2014 Dear Friends for Life, "Enough is Enough". Israel has raised the stakes in the Palestinian conflict with its brutal bombings of Gaza which has killed more than 200 people, mostly women and children, and injured thousands more. The death toll is now spiralling as Israel follows the aerial attacks with a land invasion - sending in 8,000 ...

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