How Our Lady Of Guadalupe Is A Mother To All Mothers

Theresa Civantos Barber

It’s been almost 500 years since a beautiful dark-skinned woman appeared to St. Juan Diego on a hill outside Mexico City and asked him in his native language, Nahuatl, to build her a church on that site.

Over the centuries, Our Lady of Guadalupe has not faded out of memory but has grown ever more important for Catholics around the world, especially for Mexicans, for whom she is a treasured symbol of cultural identity. And as Patroness of the Americas, her influence is incalculable on the many generations who have lived in North, South, and Central America since her apparition.

Her image is different from other apparitions and even from most artistic depictions of Our Lady. These differences make Our Lady of Guadalupe a natural and sympathetic intercessor for pregnant women, a companion and guide who can truly walk through the months of pregnancy alongside expectant mothers. These two reasons in particular elucidate why mothers can turn to “La Guadalupana” for prayers and deep understanding.

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