President Of Brazil Condemns Argentina’s Government, Vows To ‘always Fight’ To Protect The Preborn

Cassy Fiano-Chesser

More of Argentina’s neighbors in South America are condemning the government’s decision to legalize abortion, in opposition to the desires of the vast majority of Argentina’s citizens.

Argentina’s Senate voted at the end of 2020 in favor of the legislation which legalized abortion through 14 weeks, sending shockwaves throughout Latin America, which remains largely pro-life. Now, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is criticizing that decision, vowing that preborn children will always be protected in his country.

Bolsonaro took to Twitter to voice his opinion, mourning the lives that will inevitably be lost in Argentina. “I deeply regret the lives of Argentine children, now subject to being cut in their mothers’ wombs with the consent of the State,” he wrote. “As far as it depends on me and my government, abortion will never be approved on our soil. We will always fight to protect the lives of the innocent!”

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