100 Years Ago, Soviet Russia Legalized Abortion. Here’s What We Learned From It.

Samantha Kamman

On November 18, 1920, Soviet Russia became the first country to legalize abortion, marking the beginning of the legal killing of children in-utero worldwide. Russian history is a complex tale of political conflicts and tense governmental regimes, but the country’s deep-seated abortion culture is worthy of exploration. The consequences of a government distorting its people’s perceptions of human dignity through abortion legislation have made themselves apparent in various ways, such as in Russia’s falling birth rate and plunging population.

In 2003, the BBC reported there were 13 abortions in Russia for every 10 live births. The United Nations reported in 2010 the abortion rate in Russia was 37.4 abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44 years – the highest of any country represented in data collected by the UN. Countries such as the United States – where abortion rates are still relatively high despite experiencing a gradual decline – should look at Russia’s long history of abortion and take warning.

No good can come from government facilitating the mass killing of innocent preborn children, and Russia is proof of that.

Beginnings of Legalized Abortion in Russia

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