Man’s Final Conquest: Mankind?

Jennifer Lahl

I recently read, “The Future of Everything: The Cutting Edge of Health,” in The Wall Street Journal. I was a pediatric critical care nurse for many years, working in high-tech health care, where we were always pushing the technology envelope while trying to stay on the right side of the razor-thin line of ethics.

Could we, yes. Should we, maybe yes, maybe no. The point is, ethics mattered and guided each decision we made.

The Journal piece lays out some changes that are coming in the future of medicine in the field of robotics, stating that robots will be used to do some of the more mundane activities in the operating room, such as suturing, after the trained surgeon has done his work.

Researchers are even working on developing artificial skin for the robots, so they have a sense of touch and can distinguish between normal tissue or tumors when making incisions. While robots are now being used to assist in the operating room, doing the entire surgery by robots is still on the horizon.

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