6 Ways The Mainstream Porn Industry Fuels Child Sexual Abuse

Renae Powers

Child sexual abuse is an atrocity that goes against the very nature of human dignity. While this appears to be widely known and agreed upon, something that many around the world don’t know is the role pornography plays in fueling child sexual abuse. Yet, when taking into account the common themes of mainstream pornography, which include teen, children, and incest, it is not difficult to see that child sexual abuse and the porn industry have closer ties than one might be aware of.

Below we’ve broken out six connections between pornography and child sexual abuse that are important to understand.

1. Pornography Feeds the Growing Appetites of Child Sexual Abusers

Pornography has a number of public health impacts and negative consequences to the user, their network, and to society. Pornography is connected to increased violence against women, increased demand for prostitution and sex trafficking, and even to increased sexual dysfunction in otherwise healthy young men. (Learn more about this here and here.)

Pornography also can be connected to the sexual abuse of children. Consider some of the following connections:

2. Child Sexual Abusers Use Pornography to Create Plans of Action

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