How To Support A Loved One After A Miscarriage Or Infant Loss

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. For a parent to lose a baby is devastating enough. But the silence from society in general and oftentimes insensitive comments that people make to bereaved parents after a miscarriage or infant loss makes the suffering even greater.

Let me preface by saying that I’m writing this blog post from the perspective of someone who has never experienced a miscarriage or infant loss. However, I have worked with a lot of people who serve women and couples who have. I’ve also heard many stories of the trauma parents endure when they lose a child, and the pain that they feel when family members or friends respond in ways that don’t appreciate the gravity of such a loss.

So what can we do to make a difference — to make grieving parents feel not ignored but supported, heard, and loved? A first step is to simply educate ourselves on how to best support women and couples who have experienced a miscarriage or infant loss.

So here are some do’s and don’t’s, plus a few practical ideas for how you can support a loved one or acquaintance who has experienced a miscarriage or infant loss.

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