Cardi-B And The Truth About Freedom

Shenan J. Boquet

“Pornification of Our Culture, Sexual Grooming, and the Truth about Freedom”

[T]he law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. ─ Romans 8:2

Parents, pay attention to what your children are listening to. That is the first lesson from the stratospheric success of the so-called “song,” WAP, recently released by a so-called “artist” named Cardi-B.

A second is that the inversion of moral truth in our culture seems to be nearly complete: we now consider the grotesque as beautiful, the base as noble, the cowardly as brave, and enslavement as freedom.

There is almost nothing about the song that I can describe in this column. The title itself is an acronym for a grotesque sexual phrase. Each word of the lyrics describes in the most obscene and pornographic detail some sexual act. Nothing is left to the imagination. Every word is designed for maximum shock value.

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