Correction: Transgender Surgery Provides No Mental Health Benefit

Andre Van Mol, Michael K. Laidlaw, Miriam Grossman and Paul McHugh

“Why do researchers get away with sloppy science? In part because, far too often, no one is watching and no one is there to stop them” –“The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science,” National Association of Scholars.

A major correction has been issued by the American Journal of Psychiatry. The authors and editors of an October 2019 study, titled “Reduction in mental health treatment utilization among transgender individuals after gender-affirming surgeries: a total population study,” have retracted its primary conclusion. Letters to the editor by twelve authors, including ourselves, led to a reanalysis of the data and a corrected conclusion stating that in fact the data showed no improvement after surgical treatment. The following is the background to our published letter and a summary of points of the critical analysis of the study.

A Crisis of Irreproducibility in Psychology and Medicine

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