Why Churches Should Step Up With Abortion Ministry

Ericka Andersen

Two out of every 5 abortions are happening to church-going women. This means Christians are funding the abortion industry at a rate of $100 million a year.

So, where is the church?

Pew Research finds that only 4% of sermons shared online in 2019 mentioned the issue—and most of those only once. But pulpit-pounding messages that condemn abortion don't offer vulnerable women much in the way of tangible support, which may be why some pastors steer clear of the issue. Blanket criticism of abortion from a pastor could keep a woman from exploring her options because she may then feel unwelcome in approaching that leader for help.

With that in mind, a new vision is percolating within the pro-life movement, which has deep, faith-based roots. Care Net, an umbrella network for pregnancy centers, recently introduced "Making Life Disciples," a program that trains and equips churches and volunteers to partner with local centers. After initial contact with a pregnancy center, families have the option of connecting with a church, which then becomes their primary source of support and discipleship, indefinitely.

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