Trump Admin Fights Judge’s Order Making It Easier To Kill Babies In Abortions

Dave Andrusko

There have been two important developments in the past four days in response to the July 14 decision by District Judge Theodore Chuang to suspend an FDA rule, which among other things, requires a woman to have an in-person doctor’s visit before undergoing a chemical (“medication”) abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, on July 24, the FDA filed a memorandum to stay (halt) Judge Chuang’s preliminary injunction pending an appeal. As NRL News Today reported, Judge Chuang maintained that the safety precautions required by the FDA constituted a “substantial obstacle” to a woman’s right to abortion.

Second, today more than 20 pro-life leaders, including NRL President Carol Tobias, wrote to the head of the FDA urging Dr. Stephen Hahn “to protect American women and preborn children by removing the abortion pill (mifepristone) from the US market.”

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