Seeing A Baby Struggling To Survive After Abortion Could Be ‘upsetting,’ Says Instructional Video

Nancy Flanders

The “How to Use Abortion Pill” website run by the group “How to Use” instructs women and humanitarian workers on how to administer the deadly abortion pill to pregnant women, including after 13 weeks gestation. Through a series of video lessons, women are taught everything from the “overview of abortion” to “after the abortion.” Lesson 3 involves taking the abortion pill before 13 weeks, but Lesson 4 instructs women on how to take the abortion pill between weeks 13 and 22 — when it is extremely dangerous to do so. Throughout this particular video (which can only be viewed on Vimeo), “How to Use” makes some shocking statements — both truth and false — about chemical abortions for second-trimester pregnancies.

Shocking Statement #1: Complications only arise from “unsafe abortion”

“How to Use” admits that abortions after 13 weeks “are responsible for the majority of serious complications from unsafe abortion.” But while abortions done after the first trimester do indeed carry greater risks to the woman’s health and life than first-trimester abortions, these complications do not arise from “unsafe abortion”—which “How to Use” describes as being carried out “by persons lacking the necessary skills, or in an environment that does not conform to minimal medical standards…”—but rather exist even in abortion businesses considered to be safe in the United States. Case in point: within nine days in May 2020, two women suffered such horrific complications at well-known abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s late-term abortion facility that their injuries left emergency room personnel traumatized.

Shocking Statement #2: Abortion between 13 and 22 weeks is “very effective and very safe”

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