Stealth Euthanasia. How Many Canadian Seniors With COVID-19 Were Killed?

Alex Schadenberg

Medical decisions should be based on Justice and equality (non-maleficence) and not the elimination or abandonment of the weak.

Decisions to deny long-term care residents access to hospital care may have been based on a fear that hospitals would have be over-run with COVID-19 patients but it was also based on an ideology that these seniors were futile, even when treatment was not futile.

The pandemic protocols that were instituted in Canada led to many unnecessary intentional deaths of elderly persons with COVID-19. Decisions to live or to die were made by doctors and nurses who denied effective treatment to long-term care residents and then placed them on a "program" that nearly guaranteed their death. This is stealth euthanasia.

A better option is the pandemic decision making protocols developed by the disability community which represent a fair and equitable response to scarcity of resources. (Link to the protocol). The quality of life ethic, mixed with a utilitarian and discriminatory ethic towards people with disabilities and the elderly leads to ingraining decisions that results in the deaths of vulnerable persons.

Investigations must be done. These were criminal acts of elder abuse and intentional killing. People must be brought to justice and society must begin to recognize that the utilitarian ethic does not bring equality and justice but rather death and abandonment.

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