“He Is A Warrior”: Baby Boy Born 14 Weeks Prematurely Defies The Odds And Is “crushing Milestones”


A baby boy who was born extremely prematurely has been called a “warrior” who is “crushing milestones” that no-one ever thought possible. His mother, is overjoyed at her son’s progress. She said: “Karter Lamar King is a warrior and we can’t wait to see what his future holds!”

Doctors in Texas did not expect baby boy, Karter Lamar King, to survive his first week of life after he was born 14 weeks prematurely on August 27th 2019.

However, after 260 days in hospital, the baby boy has been praised as a “miracle baby” and is now breathing independently.

Baby Karter weighed over just one pound and measured only 27cm long after his mother, Alicia King, had to undergo an emergency caesarean section at just 26 weeks pregnant.

The premature baby endured multiple infections including chronic lung disease and pneumonia. He also had to undergo numerous medical procedures since his birth including multiple blood transfusions. In late December, Karter’s breathing deteriorated and doctors performed a tracheostomy to open his airway.

However, after 260 days in hospital, baby Karter has been taken off his breathing ventilator and is now breathing independently. His mother, who is overjoyed at her son’s progress has called him a “miracle baby” and a “warrior.”

“The happiest baby ever”

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