Andrew Cuomo Deflects Blame For Thousands Of Nursing Home Deaths: “Ask President Trump”

Steven Ertelt

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the order that sealed their fate, but he is now attempting to deflect blame for killing thousands of nursing home residents who perished because he signed an order requiring nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients.

In March, as the coronavirus crisis broke, pro-life leaders urged state and federal leaders to protect people who are elderly and have disabilities from medical discrimination. Instead, Cuomo signed the order on March 25 that has resulted in thousands of deaths in nursing homes.

People who live in nursing homes, including the elderly and people with disabilities, are at greater risk of dying from the virus; and Cuomo’s order led many to question whether it would do more harm than good. But it wasn’t until over 5,000 seniors died that Cuomo finally reversed the order on May 11.

And now he’s trying to blame President Trump:

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