Dad Performed DIY Home Abortions Which Cover His Crimes After Abusing Daughter And Stepdaughter


A dad has been arrested after performing DIY home abortions which concealed his crimes, after sexually abusing his daughter aged 10 and his stepdaughter during a campaign of abuse which lasted 14 years. Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said: “Abortion is used by abusers to cover up the evidence of their crimes. It is vital that the government revoke the recent DIY home abortion regulations which give abusive men easy access to abortion drugs.”

Abuser, Jason D. Goodwill, aged 51 from Pennsylvania, is facing more than 20 charges of rape and ‘deviate sexual intercourse’ after being taken into custody last week.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, his victims were a 12-year-old and a 20 year old - and both of the girls were in Goodwill's custody when the crimes took place. The investigation is stemming back to 2006, when his stepdaughter was seven years old.

The 12 year old victim has told investigators that she had been sexually abused by Goodwill since she was 10 years old and as a result became pregnant multiple times.

Goodwill allegedly performed DIY home abortions on his victim multiple times which allowed him to conceal his crimes and continue with his abuse. Goodwill allegedly injected the victim with chemicals which caused an abortion.

The victim has also informed investigators that she gave birth to one child in 2014. The child was taken by Goodwill and at some point passed away.

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