Catholic Newspaper: Joe Biden Is A “Frightful Hypocrite” For Wearing Rosary But Supporting Abortion

Micaiah Bilger

A Catholic columnist slammed Joe Biden this week for wearing a rosary on his wrist while advocating for the unrestricted killing of unborn babies in abortions.

Writing for the Catholic Herald, Freddy Gray speculated about the upcoming presidential election and Catholic voters’ leanings in a column, “The ‘Catholic vote’ is an elusive thing. Which way will it go?”

Gray described Biden, the presumed Democrat presidential nominee, as “a frightful hypocrite” for attempting to appeal to Catholic voters while advocating against Catholic teachings about the sanctity of human life. Biden claims to be Catholic, but his positions on life, family and religious freedom directly contradict his faith.

“He wears a rosary on his wrist and goes on television with a cross on his forehead on Ash Wednesday,” Gray wrote. “At the same time, he is very pro-abortion and entirely on board with the LGBT agenda. He knows you don’t get very far in his party if you don’t subscribe to these liberal shibboleths.”

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