Male And Female He Created Them. And For A Good Reason

Anthony Esolen

It has been just six years since I wrote Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity, warning against the fantasy that two members of the same sex can marry one another, when they cannot even have sexual relations but can only mimic them. I founded my arguments not upon Scripture or the teaching of the Church—indeed I did not refer to them at all—but upon common observation, historical and cultural precedent, and the biology of male and female.

The principal opponent I had in mind was not the person already engaged in the fantasy, but the fence-sitter, the “moderate,” who can be found in all of us, and not usually to our credit. The earth is heaving from beneath, and we shrug because it’s not making our own house tremble, or at least not too much. We cannot worry about everything. No one has the energy for that. So in a time of rapid change and decay in our fundamental institutions, we keep a handhold on this or that which seems healthy enough for our purposes for the time being. “The public schools are dreadful, but ours is not so bad,” we say. Or we say, “At least our children will have a mother and a father.” The sky is not falling.

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