Edith Chose Life For Her Daughter After Being Raped In College: ‘This Was An Actual Human Being’

Sarah Terzo

In the documentary, Pro-Life Without Exception!, Edith Parkman of Mississippi spoke about becoming pregnant after rape. She gave birth to her daughter Clarissa and said she has no regrets.

She was a junior in college when the rape occurred. After learning she was pregnant she realized she would have to tell her parents, who, thankfully, were very supportive. Her mother told her, “We’re gonna have this baby together.”

Other members of the family, however, were not so supportive. They pressured Parkman to have an abortion:

[…] I was pressured to abort by other family members, and they were telling me things like, ‘You don’t know what’s in the genes. It could be a crazy man. If he raped you, you know, it could be something in the genes. You [could] have a baby that’s gonna be crazy and do crazy things.’

But there is no “rape gene.” Being a rapist is not a trait that can be inherited, like eye color, hair color, or height.

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