Lt. Governor And Aspiring Jesuit Has Long Record On 'abortion Righ

Ed Condon

Habib’s eight years in public life included support for abortion rights and contraception funding in the state of Washington.

He enjoys an 75% and “B” rating from NARAL, the national abortion rights group, and listed the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington during his 2016 campaign for lieutenant governor on his website, The politician was endorsed by NARAL during his 2014 campaign for legislature as well.

During Habib’s relatively brief career in Washington’s legislature, consisting of two years in the state’s House of Representatives and two years in the state Senate, the lawmaker co-sponsored several bills related to the expansion of abortion rights.

In 2015, he was co-sponsor of the Washington Reproductive Health Act, which mandated insurance cover abortions, sterilization and contraception.

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