Contrary To Media Reports, New Abortion Pill Study Finds It Endangers Women And Reversal Works

If you have read the headlines about a recent abortion pill study led by Dr. Mitchell Creinin, you would think the attempted reversal of abortion was to blame for some horrific outcomes. The truth is the opposite.

Blaming women’s injuries on the reversal process, rather than on the abortion pills themselves, is how pro-abortion researchers are spinning the results. In a predictably biased attempt to play the American public — especially women — pro-abortion researchers peddled their side of the story and found a willing audience in many media outlets. Take the following examples:

“Researchers Tried to Test ‘Abortion Reversal.’ 3 Women Wound Up in the Hospital” from The Cut

“The First Study on ‘Abortion Reversal’ Landed Three Women in the ER” from Vice.

“Safety Problems Lead to Early End for Study of ‘Abortion Pill Reversal’” from NPR.

If this sounds like “fake news,” that’s because it is.

The abortion pill regimen — also called “chemical abortion — causes death in an unborn child. It consists of a two-drug sequence that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved for use by women who are no more than 10 weeks pregnant. First, women take mifepristone, which essentially starves the baby of nutrients. After a brief period, women then take misoprostol, which induces contractions to expel the dead or dying child. Abortion pill reversal is attempted after the first drug, by returning normal nutrition to the baby through the use of the hormone progesterone.

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