More States Move To Stop Boys From Competing As Girls In Sports

Since this issue doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon and the federal government doesn’t seem inclined to deal with it, a number of states are attempting to take matters into their own hands this year. The subject at hand is transgender students who “identify” as females competing in girls’ high school sports. It’s a topic we’ve discussed here often, but solutions that would prevent the utter implosion of competitive women’s sports have been hard to come by.

More statehouses are wading into the contentious debate over the participation of transgender athletes in men’s and women’s sports.

In recent weeks, Republican legislators in at least five states have drafted measures aimed at preventing athletes from competing in categories different than their biological sex. Lawmakers say they are specifically concerned about female athletes facing unfair competition.

The bills—introduced or prefiled in New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri—reflect growing attention around the issue of whether transgender-rights protections are leading to unfair competition in women’s sports.

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