When You Recognize That Abortion Ends Life, But Still Defend Abortion

Heather Creekmore

An article titled, “The Dishonesty of the Abortion Debate: Why we need to face the best arguments from the other side” recently appeared in The Atlantic. In it, Caitlin Flanagan eloquently attempts to defend abortion by addressing, what she believes, are both sides of the abortion argument. Unfortunately, her defense is greatly concerning to anyone who cares about the sanctity of human life.

She begins with four tales of women who died or experienced trauma because of Lysol-induced abortions prior to 1974. These accounts are horrific to read. The thought that anyone would be so desperate to get rid of their baby that they would result to using harsh, household chemicals to kill it is terribly disturbing.

According to the author, before contraceptives and abortion were legal, Lysol had a line of advertisements touting their product as appropriate for women to use internally—subtly implying that Lysol could be used as effective birth control. One ad from the 1930’s pictured a married woman—obviously upset—facing pregnancy again. The implication is that if she had used Lysol, she wouldn’t be caught in the position of an “overwhelming” and unwanted pregnancy. Part of the text reads, “... for peace of mind, use Lysol.”

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