Letter From A Pro-life OBGYN: ‘There Is Absolutely No Medically Justifiable Reason For Abortion’

Omar L. Hamada MD

By now you’ve heard that a little over two weeks ago, Facebook restricted Live Action because two of their videos were labeled as “False News” by two independent pro-choice abortion experts.

In these two videos, both Lila Rose and Dr. Kendra Kolb truthfully stated that abortion is never medically necessary. However, the pro-choice experts, Drs. Daniel Grossman and Robyn Schickler, both incorrectly held that abortion was frequently required for certain maternal or fetal medical conditions.

If there is a clear moral line that divides those of us who are pro-life and those who are pro-choice, why is there so much confusion and disagreement on what should otherwise be clear and straightforward science, and why are they at odds in certain areas with recently published ACOG materials? (For example, this ACOG document states there is no increase in the rate of birth defects with pregnancies that survive an attempted mifepristone medication abortion — yet Grossman and others claim birth defects are a reason abortion pill reversal should not be attempted with progesterone.)

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