Single NICU Nurse Adopts Her Patient: ‘I Had So Much Love For This Baby’

Nancy Flanders

In her second week on the job as a registered nurse at a Texas hospital, Claire Mills was present for the birth of a premature baby boy, completely unaware that she would soon become his mother. Baby Jackson was born by emergency C-section five weeks early and weighed just three pounds, 10 ounces.

“The moment he came out, I felt a bond with him,” Mills told Fort Bend Christian Academy. “His soul seemed so familiar to me. The NICU team and I got him settled, and I still wasn’t able to shake the feeling. I had so much love for this baby.”

She became close to Jackson’s family and knew they were in a tough situation. As she helped care for Jackson, she learned that his parents were placing him for adoption. His birth mother asked if Mills would be willing to adopt, according to Inside Edition. It wasn’t exactly her plan at 25 and in the process of building her first home – her “bachelorette pad” – but Mills felt like God was calling her to be Jackson’s mother.

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