Adorable: Newborn Baby Smiles At Dad When She Recognizes His Voice

Nancy Flanders

In an adorable picture being shared across social media, a newborn baby girl was captured smiling at her father while lying on her mother’s chest. What makes this picture so touching, is that baby Antonella smiled the moment she heard her father’s voice, which she recognized from hearing it when she was in the womb.

“He always told her that he loved her so much,” mother Tarsila told SoNoticiaBoa. “Good morning when I went to work, arrived good afternoon, said I’d always be there, kept stroking my belly… And amazingly it always seems at the same time every day she started to move.”

When her father Flavio spoke the same words to her that he had been saying for months while she was growing in her mother’s womb, Antonella immediately reacted with a smile, letting her Dad know that she knew him. What makes it even more special for Flavio, is that Antonella was born in Rio de Janeiro on August 11 – Father’s Day in Brazil.

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