Final Decision: Abortionist Fined Over $10,000 For Committing Abortion On Wrong Woman

The Florida Board of Medicine issued a final order in July for an abortionist who committed a surgical abortion on the wrong woman in December 2017. In the settlement agreement, Harvey Craig Roth of A Women’s Center of Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida will pay a fine of $10,000 in addition to other stipulations. Roth admitted that he didn’t verify that he was committing the abortion on the correct woman because he didn’t think it mattered.

Roth proceeded with a surgical abortion on a woman who was at A Woman’s Center to obtain a medical abortion. He claims he called her by what turned out to be the wrong name multiple times but she never corrected him. However, he admitted that he failed to follow what is known as the “pause” or “time out” rule in which doctors must check to make sure they are performing the correct surgery on the correct patient in the right body location. They must recheck these details when they exit and then reenter the room at any time during the surgery. Roth failed to take these steps and told the board that he didn’t think that skipping the pause rule would matter while committing abortions.

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