Pope Francis Calls For Prayers As Hospital Starves Vincent Lambert To Death

Micaiah Bilger

Pope Francis urged people to pray Wednesday for Vincent Lambert, a disabled man who is slowly being starved to death in France after doctors removed his food and water.

ANSA reports the pope called for prayers for Lambert and his family, and others who also are being abandoned to die.

“Let us pray for the sick who are abandoned and left to die,” Pope Francis wrote on Twitter. “A society is humane if it safeguards life, every life, from the beginning to its natural end, without choosing who is worthy of living or not. May doctors serve life and not take it away.”

On Sunday, doctors removed the water and feeding tubes from the 42-year-old man after a lengthy court battle over his medical care, Agence France-Presse reports. He is expected to die slowly of starvation within the next few days.

His father, Pierre Lambert, 90, said what is being done to his son is nothing less than “murder in disguise, it’s euthanasia.” He and his wife said they are resigned to their son’s death, having exhausted all legal options to protect him.

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