‘Rally Against Bullying’ Draws A Thousand Pro-lifers To Philadelphia Planned Parenthood

Carole Novielli

A thousand pro-life activists gathered outside the Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Friday in response to aggressive bully tactics from pro-abortion State Representative Brian Sims. The Pennsylvania representative received pushback from pro-lifers and even some pro-choicers after he posted videos on social media of himself harassing an elderly pro-lifer praying the rosary (to whom he referred as an “old white lady”) outside a Planned Parenthood which has failed more than half of its recent health inspections. In addition, Sims harassed three teenagers and their mother, offering to donate $100 to Planned Parenthood if his social media followers would give him the names and addresses of the minors, something known as “doxxing.”

The event was organized by Live Action and other national leaders. Live Action president and founder Lila Rose told CBS Philly that the large pro-life crowd showed “the strength of the pro-life community, that the pro-life community in Philadelphia and beyond will not back down to violence, bullying and intimidation.”

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