“Starve Me” Advance Directive Is Immoral

Wesley Smith

Not content with assisted suicide, the euthanasia movement wants people with dementia to be able to force caregivers to starve them to death when they become severely impacted — even when they willingly eat.

An assisted-suicide advocacy group in New York previously created an advance directive containing such instructions. And now the Hemlock Society — which today calls itself Compassion and Choices — boosts the “starve me to death” approach to dementia with instructions that would force caregivers to withhold spoon feeding:

I request that food and fluids in any form, including spoon-feeding, be stopped if, because of dementia, any of the following conditions occur:
I appear indifferent to food and being fed.
I no longer appear to desire to eat or drink.
I do not voluntarily open my mouth to accept food without prompting…
I turn my head away or try to avoid being fed or given fluids and am clearly repelled by food or fluids.
I spit out food or fluids.
I cough, gag, choke on, or aspirate (inhale) food or fluids.

The negative consequences or symptoms of continued feeding and drinking, as determined by a qualified medical provider, outweigh the benefits.
Many of these provisions are, to say the least, subject to interpretation. And people with dementia may refuse food one meal, and accept the next.

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