The Arrival Of Spiritual And Religious Collapse

Shenan J. Boquet

Recently I travelled to Phoenix in order to lead a mission. When I arrived at the airport, I was stunned to see a group of people holding signs welcoming home a child who had either just undergone a “sex change” or who was travelling to Phoenix for the procedure. A child! This sight, so public, and so deeply tragic, was just one more stark reminder of the all-out war that is being waged in the West on traditional Judeo-Christian values, not to mention basic common sense.

Everywhere we look, we see signs of a powerful movement to “redefine” God, the human person, religion, church, marriage, family, human sexuality, and biblical morality. This movement has its roots in a diseased concept of freedom that views any and all limitations as inherently stifling, and therefore as challenges to be overcome, at whatever cost.

One of the preeminent prophetic voices raising the alarm about this radical movement, and its dire physical, psychological and spiritual consequences, is His Eminence, Robert Cardinal Sarah. This remarkable Cardinal has just released a new book called The Day is Far Spent (At the moment the book is only available in French but will soon be released in English). The book, the third in a trilogy, diagnoses and describes what the Cardinal refers to as the “spiritual and religious collapse” affecting the world, but especially the West.

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