Baby Spared From Late-term Abortion In Adoption Miracle

Nancy Flanders

D.J. Moberley and his wife Angela had been discussing adoption for years, and after having three children — Ava, Elijah, and Annette — they decided to be more proactive about their desire to adopt. Upon researching the more typical means to adoption, such as adoption agencies and foster care, the couple realized that what they really longed to do was save a child who was at risk of being aborted.

The Moberleys had been thinking about the many women who are walking into abortion facilities around the country, and had the idea to begin attempting to personally offer adoption by their family as an alternative. With this in mind, they first wanted to learn about legal do’s and don’ts to make sure they didn’t get into any trouble. So, they reached out to one of the best attorneys in the state of Virginia that specializes in adoption: Brittany Carper, of Goodall, Pelt, Carper & Norton, PC in Stafford.

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