Former Planned Parenthood Workers Broadcast Preborn Babies’ Heartbeats

Laura Nicole

Tens of thousands of people flooded downtown San Francisco on Saturday as they gathered to support the rights of the unborn. At least 50,000 people showed up to the 15th Annual Walk for Life, the second largest pro-life march in the nation, in a land with some of the most liberal pro-abortion legislation in the nation, but also some of the most robust social welfare. With signs declaring, “I Am the Pro-Life Generation” and “Women’s rights begin in the womb,” they stood together for equal rights for the unborn.

As part of the event, seven pregnant women, including two former Planned Parenthood workers, stood on a stage in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza, placed microphones to their bellies and broadcast their babies’ heartbeats with megaphones. Abby Johnson, who made headlines in 2009 with the story of her leaving Planned Parenthood due to a pro-life conversion and dramatic and very public embrace of the pro-life movement, stood on the stage next to Patricia Sandoval. Both women formerly worked at Planned Parenthood, and described themselves as having had several abortions. These “babies saving babies,” as one tweet described it, were a “thundering repudiation of the Culture of Death.”

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