“Safe, Legal And Rare” Is Over, Democrats Now Support Abortions Up To Birth And Infanticide

Kristen Waggoner

In America, we are entering a new chapter in the effort to protect life. Many of the old euphemisms obscuring the truth about abortion are fading and, for better or for worse, Americans no longer can avoid the truth.

Consider the events of the past few weeks:

On Jan. 22, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York signed a law legalizing abortion for the entire 40 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy — literally up until the moment of full-term delivery. Almost immediately, abortion advocates in Vermont, Rhode Island and Virginia began pushing similar laws.

On Jan. 30, Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia stated he would sign into law a bill allowing newborns to be “aborted.”

And on Monday night, Democrats in the U.S. Senate blocked a unanimous consent bill that would have protected newborn babies from this terrible fate.

In the past, abortion advocates based their arguments on “exceptional cases” — women who are pregnant from rape, mired in hopeless poverty, or facing life-threatening health complications. In the more recent past, the center of the pro-abortion ethos was the claim that having an abortion is not unlike getting your appendix removed: a minor medical procedure that deals with unnecessary tissue.

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