Surrogacy: Erasing The Mother

The main conceptual problem in surrogacy — the production and sale of a child — reduces both women and children to commodities in commerce: things.

Many articles and books can be found describing the horrors of surrogacy. Exploitation is common, with abuse and slave-like conditions for women. Often, several eggs are implanted to ensure that one of them will produce; but if that results in multiple embryos, the birth mother may be forced to have an abortion for fetal reduction. At a later stage in the pregnancy, genetic tests are often done, and if it is found that one or more of the eggs is damaged, an abortion will be required even if over the objection of the birth mother.

Likewise, caesareans are often required. The baby born though a caesarean does not have a temporary misshapen head or wrinkled look, but it also does not have the immunities and health benefits passed on by the mother during a vaginal birth. A caesarean then may prohibit the birth mother from having her own vaginal birth. That is just one of many medical harms to the birth mother that are not considered.

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