Here’s Why Christians Shouldn’t Vote For Pro-Abortion Democrats This Election

Micaiah Bilger

Throughout the years, pro-life advocates and Christians have offered a number of reasons why they vote for pro-abortion Democrats who do not share their beliefs about unborn babies’ rights.

Many argue for voting Democrat because they truly believe government programs help reduce abortions more than pro-life laws and lawmakers do. They argue that Democrats do more to support the most vulnerable born people as well.

But with abortion killing nearly 1 million babies a year and a Democrat Party growing increasingly pro-abortion, it has become more difficult to believe these arguments and vote Democrat. Many Democrats themselves have left the party over its radical pro-abortion stance.

It’s becoming glaringly obvious that the Democratic Party does not want fewer abortions. Maybe some of its policies do save lives, but the party also is working to end lives by supporting abortions, taxpayer-funded abortions and campaigns to “normalize” killing human babies in society.

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