Are Women Real?

John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris

A war is a-brewing… between those that have long battled for women’s rights and activists who deny the biological realities of sex and gender.

Many progressive social ideas inherently contradict other progressive social ideas. For example, feminism and transgender ideology.

Feminism claims that women have been uniquely oppressed and marginalized throughout history and remain so today. Many historians and social observers refer to how differently that oppression is understood by what are called the different “waves” of feminism. Still, according to most feminists, the experience of women can never be fully understood by men, because of the privilege they enjoy. The more recent #MeToo movement does not distinctly belong to feminism, but has also been fueled by widespread revelations of sexual harassment perpetuated by powerful men.

At the same time now transgenderism has arrived on the scene, advancing the claim that some men are women, and many in that movement claim that these men deserve women’s rights. I’m sure you can see the problem.

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