Pornography And Marriage: Eight Myths

When it comes to pornography use and marriages, there are several myths that need to be dispelled. Doing so can improve a couple’s ability to heal and restore their personal lives and their marriages. Here are eight common myths I’ve found in the couples I’ve worked with over the years.

Myth #1: Viewing Pornography is More Exciting and Fulfilling than Healthy Marital Sex

One of the major myths the pornography industry tries to make people believe is that the fantasy world of pornography is better than real sex. This has led many people to not want to get married. They believe that true happiness and fulfillment will only come from having thousands of sexual experiences with multiple sex partners. The reality is that the sex in pornography never truly satisfies. If it did, pornography users would not need to constantly search for more exciting sexual experiences online. I compare sex to fire. Viewing pornography is like lighting a match. It flares up brightly and is exciting, but then goes out just as quickly. It never fulfills. Sex in a healthy marital relationship is like building a slow-burning fire that grows over time. It may not be exciting all the time, but it always satisfies and fulfills. It’s the loving intimate relationship that accompanies marital sex that makes it fulfilling. The sacrament of marriage also adds grace to marital sex, which makes it even more fulfilling.

Myth #2: People turn to Pornography because “Sex is a Need”

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