300,000 Detained In Xinjiang Concentration Camps Were Transferred To Other Provinces

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Xinjiang authorities have transferred Muslims detainees on a large scale since the end of September. According to locals, almost 300,000 people have been transferred to Gansu and northeastern China.

Photo: A family of Kazakhs pleads for the release of their missing relatives (ChinaAid).

As more and more minorities have been detained, the concentration camps in Xinjiang have become full. In order to avoid an investigation and exposure by the international community, authorities transferred Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other minorities from south Xinjiang to north Xinjiang and Kazaks from north Xinjiang to Gansu via trains.

In addition, six prisons have been built or remodeled in Qinghe County, Altay in order to detain people.

Witnesses said that many coaches drove to Urumqi from various places in Xinjiang. One person commented, "There are black curtains and they are filled with people, men and women." Thousands of people were sent to Yili train station and boarded trains.

Xinjiang natives verified that those detained in re-education camps were transferred to north Xinjiang and Gansu, 1,000 km away. He said, "It is said that over 300,000 [people] have been transferred to Gansu."

He said that there were 6 prisons in Qinghe County, Altay in north Xinjiang and four of them were built recently. "Two of them used to belong to Military Department of Qinghe County. It is uncertain how many people are detained. Another one was built recently and may hold over 2,000 people. Also, a prison in Qinghe County used to be a military base, but has been changed to a prison."

He said nearly 10,000 people were detained in re-education camps in Qinghe alone.

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