Just As It Spawns Rape, Porn Fuels Child Abuse Too Horrific To Describe

Jonathon van Maren

For over a decade, millions of people in our pornified Western culture have been pumping millions of hours of sadistic sexually violent scenes into their skulls, all the while claiming in defiance of all the evidence that this exploding social lust for abuse and degradation has no real-world consequences once the screen has faded to black. This is despite the fact that nearly 90 percent of mainstream porn content now features violence against women—and most of it also includes name-calling so vicious that some scholars are saying it reaches the threshold of hate speech.

And despite the insistence of porn users that this fascination with the on-screen destruction of the feminine does not bleed into real life, that is unfortunately and provably not true. As I noted last week, violent porn is one of the key factors in India’s ongoing rape crisis. In the United Kingdom, violent porn has spawned an explosion of child-on-child sexual assaults. Pornography is grooming a generation of young men to be sexual predators, and it is grooming a generation of young women to be the victims of sexual violence.

When I travel across North America and speak about pornography, I hear stories of porn-inspired sexual assaults all too frequently. I have even encountered many horrifying instances of porn being used to groom children for sexual abuse—sometimes within the confines of a family. And that is why, unfortunately, I was not surprised to see a stomach-turning headline in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix last week: “Adopted daughters became ‘aim’ of Sask. man's porn addiction, court hears.”

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