Two Precious Babies Killed, Two Teens Destroyed: The Legacy Of Abortion

Shawn Carney

Brittany sat in the courtroom weeping, her face hidden in her hands. How had it come to this?

She looked up as the bailiff took her boyfriend, Harold, away to serve a life sentence in prison. For murder. She was only 17; he was 19.

"Please send me to jail, too!" she pleaded with the judge. After all, what they had done, they had done together.

The tragic story of Brittany and Harold (not their real names) shows how our culture has lost its sense of right and wrong, good and evil.

Like many teens, they had believed they were in love. As time passed, they grew closer, first emotionally and then physically. Eventually, they began having sex, believing that, since they were in love, everything was OK.

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