Kenya Film Board Bans Marie Stopes Ad For Promoting Abortion

It has also demanded a public apology

Abortion giant Marie Stopes International is known for promoting abortion all over the world - including in countries where it is illegal. Now, the organisation has been called out for publicly advertising abortion in Kenya, where it is illegal except where the mother's life is in danger.

Targets teenage girls
The Kenya Film and Classification Board has banned a radio advert for contravening the law. "The board has banned Marie Stopes from airing a message on radio that promotes abortion contrary to Article 26 (4) of the Constitution," said Chairman Ezekiel Mutua. "The advert targets teenage girls by giving them alternatives for unwanted or unplanned pregnancies."

Mr Mutua said the advert was not submitted to the board for examination and classification, and ordered that it stops being aired immediately.

"The Board also demands that Marie Stopes issue a public apology for airing such content without submission for examination and classification."

History of flouting the law
This is not the first time Marie Stopes have been caught advertising illegal abortion in Kenya. Last year, there was controversy when they ran Facebook adverts saying "even if your boyfriend refuses to take responsibility for your pregnancy, do not worry, we got you".

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