Recorded: Canadian Hospital Staff Urging Patient To Die

A Canadian man suffering from an incurable disease claims that despite asking for home care, the medical team at an Ontario hospital would offer him only medically assisted suicide.

Ontario man Roger Foley is suing health officials and the attorneys general of Ontario. He is claiming he received improper care and that instead of the care he requested, he was offered the option for medically-assisted death.

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Roger Foley suffers from cerebellar ataxia, a brain disorder that limits his ability to move his arms and legs. According to Foley, a government-selected home care provider had previously left him in ill health with injuries and food poisoning. Twice, he says he ended up in hospital because of the home care agencies contracted through the SW LHIN: once because of bad food, and a second time because the allegedly poor quality of care he was receiving left him contemplating suicide.

Foley has asked to be able to manage his own home care team – an arrangement called "self-directed care".

"I need self-directed funding in order to return to my home," Foley said. "I need to be able to hire my own workers to build my (home) care to work with me."

Repeated offers of death

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