Guest Column: Refugees Are No Threat To American Lives

Basma Alawee

I came to the United States from Iraq in 2010. I am one of the 65 million people around the world who are displaced. I am also one of the 22.5 million people who are refugees.

Mine is a story of great loss and ultimate triumph. It was not easy to leave my career as an engineer with the Ministry of Oil in Iraq but my life was in danger after the war. Because of my husband’s support for the United States in Iraq, we were in danger. That and only that prompted me to leave my family, my job, my language and my home behind.

I have become an advocate for other refugees. I serve as the Florida Delegate to the Refugee Congress, a national advocacy organization, which is led by refugees. I am also a Florida Refugee Organizer with Florida Immigrant Coalition and We Are America, working to advocate and lift Florida’s refugees’ voices.

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