Science Proves The Inhumanity Of The Abortionist

Mike Adams

Willie Parker is a “Christian” who admits to having “probably” performed more than ten thousand abortions since 2005. A communist dictator might say that one murder is a tragedy while ten thousand is just a statistic. But how does a so-called Christian rationalize the serial murder of thousands of innocent human beings? One convenient way is by denying they are human in the first place. Here is Parker’s rationalization:

“Another so-called fact put forth by antis is that ‘life begins at conception’ – the justification for the ridiculous claim that abortion is murder. As a Christian and a scientist, I can authoritatively attest that life does not begin at conception. This notion that the union of the egg and sperm constitutes a new person at that moment reflects a religious belief – and a deeply held one. But the fact is, as Justice Blackmun so eloquently wrote way back in 1973, in the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade, there is no historical, philosophical, or even scientific consensus on when life begins.” P. 145. Life’s Work: A Moral Argument For Choice.

There are at least three major problems embedded in that one statement. They are briefly dissected below:

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