Judge Sets Date When Alfie Evans’ Life Support Will Be Shut Off Over His Parents Objections

Steven Ertelt

A judge has set the date and time to withdraw little Alfie Evans’ life support over his parents objections. However that date and time have not been made publicly available.

After hearing at the high court, Justice Hayden set the date for when Alder Hey Children’s Hospital can remove Alfie Evans’ life support — despite his parents not consenting. For legal reasons none of the details of the ruling today can be revealed publicly. The hospital was legally required to go back to the court to determine the date as they were not able to reach an agreement with Alfie’s family.

Although he’s not a medical professional, Justice Hayden seems to think Alfie is beyond hope and made medical claims not consistent with what Alfie’s parents see on a day to day basis. He looked at videos showing Alfie responding to his parents.

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